Saturday, January 18, 2014

A bit more to remember......
Christmas at Pioneer Square
 Ugly sweaters on Portland sculpture

Holly and her good friend, Mistletoe Madison..... Google it.
 Howard's annual Christmas party.
 The Last Word.... Old but new famous cocktail from Chicago I think

 Daddy time with the Swemma
 Ms. Goff's 4th grade class and Gary Hirshc Botjoys!  Joybot.  Kindness bot  For Red Ball 2014!
 Emma's Bot from Gary

We just looked over our blog and realized how great it is to look back at some highlights with great photos.  We are going to keep it going for us, as we know no one looks at it but us. All the better!
Let's start back with........ let me go to iPhoto and see what is the latest.
I finally did something with all of our corks.  My inspiration came from a blog and I thought, how cool to make it in the shape of Oregon.  Again, inspired by "Heart Oregon" I used red corks to make a heart.  Weld Bond glue is the best!

Emma during a holiday choir performance. Ms. Wright.  Love her!

Reindeer noses!  
 Making snowflakes on New Years Eve at the Painters
 Tom the money maker!  New Years Eve at the Painters playing CLR - Center Right Left

 Our traditional prime rib.  We grilled it on our new Weber BBQ this year.  It will become an annual tradition.  It was great!

Prime Rib, yorkshire pudding, blue cheese wedge salad

 Pookie snuck into the living room.  she can stay awhile... xoxo
 perfect santa pookie
 Holly's 12th birthday with Maddie Root.  We picked up Maddie and went to see Frozen.  Sushi in Beaverton somewhere.  Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and a sleepover.