Sunday, January 25, 2009

Top App

Our friend Chris created this game. It's ranked number 2 on Apple's Top Paid Apps. Super Sniper
Now Tom wants to make an app. Any suggestions?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

We celebrated Holly's birthday with her six of her friends from school yesterday. I picked them up at school and brought them to our house. I know you are thinking bad idea. Yes, I know but we survived.
We started out with a treasure hunt that Tom created. They had a ton of fun running around the house like crazy girls. The final clue sent them to the car seat in our car where their was a big box with a birthday had for Holly.
Then we went up to Holly and Emma's room for hair and nail design. Next the girls came down to do a glass art project and then they made their own pizzas. After eating pizza we had cake and opened presents. Very fun party for Holly, very exhausting for her parents.
Tom will add more photos soon I'm sure....

Glass art project
Glass Art Project
Reading the clues for the treasure hunt.
Running up the stairs after reading a clue
Holly's Robot Cake. She's really into making robots out of recycled material. she is collecting a lot of trash!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Holly's 7th Birthday

We celebrated Holly's 7th birthday yesterday. Her Uncle Brian is in town for an interview at the VA hospital so he was able to join in the celebration. We are crossing our finger he gets the internship (psychology). He is also applying to Hawaii, New York City, San Deigo, Long Beach, Tacoma, WA and Lancaster PA. Not a bad list.
Holly had a birthday blueberry muffin for breakfast. At school she got to share and read a few poems from her favorite book, A Light in the Attic. Her favorite poem is The Homework Machine.
The whole family including Uncle Brian picked her up from school and went to see the movie Bedtime Stories and then to dinner at Pastini. When we got home she go to open presents and eat a cupcake.

picking Holly up from school
Opening Brian's present

Happy about a gift!

Cupcake faces

Mommy supervising

Here's a cute card I made for her. Inside were two coupons, one for a "shopping spree" (get more shirts) with Mommy and one for a trip to Powell's Bookstore with Daddy.

Arcade after the movie

Thursday, January 1, 2009

MSNBC Top 29 Places to Visit in 2009

Yes, #10 Here it is....
"#10. Willamette Valley located about an hour’s drive south of Portland and spread out on the banks of the Willamette River, this up-and-coming wine region has been making waves of late in wine glasses across the nation. Billing itself as the "place for pinot,” this slumbering grapevine district is home to more than 200 wineries, most of which beckon visitors with tasting rooms and even eco-wine tours. Visitors can also opt to take in the vineyard-covered landscape from a hot-air balloon ride, trot along farm-dotted trails on horseback, or take home a one-of-a-kind find from one of the many antique shops.
Why go in 2009: Although enthusiasts forecast that this area will be the next Napa Valley, the less-commercialized Willamette Valley remains — for now — a much more affordable vino-centric destination than its southerly California neighbor. Plus, new developments are on the horizon for those looking for an alternative to the area’s charming B&B circuit — in August, for one, the region’s first luxury inn, The Allison Inn & Spa (, will be unveiled, featuring extras like a restaurant dishing out regional cuisine and a working vineyard"