Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tour of Portland

Friday we took a tour of the city on an amphibious vehicle. First we toured the city and then we drove over to the dock and drove right into the Willamette River. The river divides the city from east and west and it flows North! The tour was a bit long for the girls (2 hours) but they did get to see most of the city.

Guess what we have a water park, actually many. All of the cities fountains are cycled and treated for swimming. I think we saw about 4 on our tour.

Portland Trailblazer got the #1 draft pick this season, Greg Oden. Portland fans are very excited about this. Since basketball is the only professional sports team in Portland maybe we will become NBA fans.
After the tour we met our landlord and family. They have 3 girls, two are the exact same age as Holly and Emma. We had a great time dinner and headed over to the park and the kids got along great. It make things so much easy when the kids have playmates.

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