Thursday, February 21, 2008

President's Day Sledding on Mount Hood

Emma, Allison, Kaitlyn, Holly

Beautiful day of sledding. We drove up with The Mansbergers, Heather, Kaitlyn, Allison and baby Louisa. The Mansberger's own the home we are currently living in. We are so grateful for their home and friendship! .

Heather's sweet tooth is as sweet as mine. We stopped at "The Doughnut" store to get a parking pass and doughnuts. She also came back with my NEW favorite hot drink.

Minty Snow Latte: Steamed milk with mint tea and sweetner (sugar or splenda). I was so happy to find out it was easy to recreate at home.

Girls eating doughnuts.
Allison and Emma - Both turned 4 in February

Emma showing her stuff on the slopes. Holly and Emma riding together.

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