Thursday, June 5, 2008

Going for Gold with Dad and Brother.

I think we earned the gold metal for packing in so many activities in 3 days!
They arrived at 10pm on Thursday night. We went to Doug Fir for a drink.
Friday was specialty market day. We took Holly to school, then headed downtown to Fuller's Cafe for breakfast. Then to City Grill to see a great view a the city. They weren't open yet so we killed some time and walk to Stumptown for the best cappuccino in the country! Stopped by Voodoo Doughnuts, but we were still too full from Fuller's and something about ordering X rated doughnuts at 10am is awkward. It's now 11 and we take the elevator up to City Grill 30 floor. Great view! Next head to go grocery shopping for our Prime Rib dinner. Steve's Cheese and Square Deal for wine and blue cheese for our lettuce wedge salad, Food Coop in NW to look for fiddleheads (not found) City Market for fiddleheads (none their either), Trader Joe's has fiddleheads but they don't look too good. We skip it. At this point Brian (brother) wants to go home. He can't go to one more grocery store. I don't blame him.
That night we cooked a prime rib from City Market with Yorkshire pudding and salad wedge.
After dinner Brian wanted to go see live music. My Dad, brother and Tom ended up at The Crystal Ballroom and saw Pink Martini, then to Jake's Grill. They all came home happy!

Saturday - Portland State Farmers Market. We found fiddleheads! Wine and hors'doeuvres with friends of the family from Laguna.

Spicy Margarita at Nuestra Cocina - yes, it's spicey! Look at Brian's face.

Dinner at Vindalho - Clinton Neighborhood

Pool game at Dots - Clinton Neighborhood

Brian purchases a burrito from a food cart. "and a burrito to finish it off"

Spanish Coffee at Huber's

and late night doughnuts at Voodoo Doughnuts

More on Sunday, but this blog is too long!!!

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