Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day In The Life Of A Portlander

We had a full Saturday.

Started out downtown with lunch at Piazza Italia:

The whole experience was great. We felt we were vacationing in Italy as it seemed like everyone spoke Italian and the Tube was tuned into an Italian TV station showing some crazy horse race taking place in some large town plaza filled with people. Looked way dangerous.

We then caught the tram to Powell's book store. The tram is free to use within downtown limits. The girls love it.

Before going in to Powell's we popped into Pete's Coffee. The girls got chocolate and vanilla milks, and we got coffees.

Finally make it to Powell's. It's a whole city block just crammed with new and used books. It's divided up into different coloured rooms. The kids book are in the Rose Room.

After Powell's we when for some gelato just up the street at Mio Gelato. Yum!

Got the tram back to our car and then decided to go to the park near our house, over at Strohecker's.

We started of by eating some snacks and reading in the shade of the Great Big Tree.

A large group of people were grilling and playing Basketball there too.

Then the girls played on the merry-go-round, over by the play structures. They haven't thrown up yet, but it's bound to happen some day.

Finally get home and crash for a bit. You can see how dirty Holly's feet are.

The girls then rounded out the evening with some Wii action.

After that is was dinner, baths and bedtime.

After all that, Kim and I were well and truly pooped!


cary perk said...

Flat Stanley was a favorite of our family. Our Stanleys went all over the place...we still have pictures of him in PA.

Love your blog entries! What a fun life and beautiful girls!!

Kathy Robyn and Olivia said...

OMG! Actual things we didn't get to on our Things to Do List.
My friend Pamela just asked me today if we ate at this resturant because her best friend owns them!
Glad there are things to do when we return!