Saturday, December 27, 2008

Night on the Town

Here are a few pics from Kim and my excursion out downtown one evening during the snow.

Right out side our house people were having problems with their car on the hill

These are drinking fountains you find all over downtown. Right now they are serving ice cold slushies (20F).

Kim was nice enough to pose for a landmark photo-op. She's saying, "Welcome to Portland!".

The snow ploughs wanted to pose as well.

As you can see that they are not making much of an impact.

The streetcars were running just fine.

But the food carts were not.

If you like to have your beer cold, this is the only way!

After walking, posing, cocktails and chatting, we finally waited for the streetcar to take us to the bottom of our hill...

And started the long trek bed!

Super fun night!

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