Saturday, January 10, 2009

We celebrated Holly's birthday with her six of her friends from school yesterday. I picked them up at school and brought them to our house. I know you are thinking bad idea. Yes, I know but we survived.
We started out with a treasure hunt that Tom created. They had a ton of fun running around the house like crazy girls. The final clue sent them to the car seat in our car where their was a big box with a birthday had for Holly.
Then we went up to Holly and Emma's room for hair and nail design. Next the girls came down to do a glass art project and then they made their own pizzas. After eating pizza we had cake and opened presents. Very fun party for Holly, very exhausting for her parents.
Tom will add more photos soon I'm sure....

Glass art project
Glass Art Project
Reading the clues for the treasure hunt.
Running up the stairs after reading a clue
Holly's Robot Cake. She's really into making robots out of recycled material. she is collecting a lot of trash!

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