Thursday, April 30, 2009

Something I need to be thinking about

The bulbs I planted last November are now in full bloom. Nothing could look better for the time that they are in show! However the aftermath is not very pretty.
Saw this in the Oregonian today. I agreed to have the paper delivered again and happy I did. For some reason I don't go to the Oregonian online to read up on my usual features.
Need to back blog a ton... hopefully soon.

Post-bloom tulip care
Posted by The Oregonian April 30, 2009 05:28AM
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The Oregonian
What you do after tulips bloom has more to do with their continued success than what you do at any other time.
Once the tulip bloom fades, snip off the flower right below the base of the bloom to keep it from putting energy into making seed. Leave the stem intact because nutrients in the stem and foliage go back to the bulb to form next year's flower.
After about five weeks, a little tug should be all that's needed to pull the wilted foliage out.
Braiding or tucking foliage together with a rubber band restricts the flow of nutrients to the bulb.
Check out Holly's shoes. She has had so many compliments I want them!

Once the foliage has faded, you can dig and divide bulbs so they don't get crowded and stop blooming.
When you dig them, you'll find a larger bulb surrounded by two or three small bulbs. Replant them in fall. The big one will bloom the following spring; the smaller ones likely will take longer.
Dry bulbs before storing in a cool place with good air circulation. Tie individually in discarded pantyhose or keep in a container with perlite, sawdust or shredded newspaper. Don't store apples nearby -- they give off ethylene, which will cause the bulbs to rot.
If you leave the bulbs in the ground, wait to fertilize until about an inch of new growth has popped out.

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