Thursday, August 16, 2007

And we're off!

Moving van arrived on Wednesday August 8th. We left Ladera around 4:00 and by 5:00 I had one last swim in the ocean. We spent our last night in Laguna at my moms.

Headed out the next morning and arrived at our first stop June Lake early evening. We stayed at Aunt Linda and Uncle Mike's cabin. This was a great transitions as we made our way to Portland. Lots of family, cousins, husbands, 4 kids in addition to Holly and Emma and of course the dogs..... 5 males and Addie. She adjusted by being the "bitch" that she is with other males.

We had a wonderful 2 nights in June. Aunt Linda made her famous homemade spaghetti sauce and french toast in the a.m. I was so impressed with the kids. All six sat down around the table with and were so well behaved. Kids ages 8,6,5,4,3,2, now you see why I am impressed. Our Friday adventure was a tour of all the lakes in the area and wading in Rush Creek. Emma insisted on a boat ride so we hired a kayak at Silver Lake. Beautiful! Thank you Clemence Clan!

Now the tough part begins 2 days of driving at 7 hours/day. Tom in his car with the dog and me in the mini-van with the kids. All went well, yeah for the DVD! Only at the very end did Holly ask, "How many more minutes?" as first every 15 minutes, then every 2.

As we arrived in Portland the weather was beautiful and sunny, YES sunny as it is August.

I was so grateful to be just as pleased with the house we are renting as I remembered.

The moving van arrived right on time Monday morning and took out a few tree branches and had to move a mailbox to get into our street.

Now we are in boxes and everything is a mess. I keep laughing when I think of my website "". It almost feels like it will never be clutter free. All things in time.

Now it's Thursday and our first sign of rain clouds. When I called Tom from inside Costco he tells me it's raining. I was hoping to see the rain when we escaped the windowless warehouse but we missed it. Hopefully tomorrow.


monika rolfs said...

hi kim
you can come to dublin plenty of rain everday this summer is no summer
have a great time

M & M said...

Be careful what you wish for.....................
Great blog
It is great to hear and see what you are doing.
Now you don't seem so far away.
Keep those blogs coming.
Papa and Nana send hugs to Holly and Emma.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, Tom, Holly & Emma
You seem to have enjoyed the move to Oregan. 'twill be a change from the heat of LA - or will it? Good you are enjoying the 'lovely' weather we are having in Ireland! At least the flowers do'nt need so much watering. Nice to read of all your activities.
Cheers........Golding & Polly