Thursday, August 23, 2007

My walk to the grocery store

I can walk to the grocery store. Here is a photo of the path I take. About a 5 minute walk. Yes, the one with all the trees. Who would think we are in the middle of a city. The path is just behind our house and takes us right to the grocery store, starbucks, my bank and our recreation center.

Our recreation center is wonderful. I just took Holly yesterday to take a look around. They offer a ton of classes, gymnastics, yoga, weight training, pottery, tai chi, basketball, library and more. They even had a preshcool that I am considering having Emma attend. Love it! Everything is so close! We can get just about anywhere in 20 minutes driving time.

Last night we walked a bit further to The Old Market Brew Pub. Tom and I tasted a sampling of Oregon's micro beer and the kids had spaghetti and chicken nuggets. Dogs are welcome so Addie hung our with us the whole time.

Addie under our "dining" table

This morning I will do a bit more unpacking. It's going very slowly, as I am being warned to enjoy the outdoors while we can. But at least all the necessities are taken care of. (All but my absolutely necessary scrapbook space!)

Speaking of scrapbooking, I stopped by the closest scrapbook store I could find yesterday. Unfortunately was wasn't calling all my scrapbook friends to brag (Jessica, Jen and Nicole)...... but there is still hope. I have a few more to see on my list. Don't get me wrong, they had great stuff but it was a bit small and the crop room is separate from the store? How does that help sales? Here is a bad photo. You can even see my car.

This afternoon we are off to a small carnival at the recreation center, it's called Garden Home Recreation Center. Check tomorrow for photos.

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Nicole said...

WOW...that is soo pretty. I can't wait to see some trees in our yard. I'm trying to re-create a mountainous look! Wish me luck!!