Friday, September 14, 2007

Holly started school last week

Yes, Holly's first day of kindergarten was last week. The first day I drove her to school so she could see the other kids getting off the bus and how that all played out. (yes, it was for me too!)

Fast forward to that night.... she was so nervous about taking the bus we had to come up with something to make her feel better. We decided for day #2 I took her to the bus stop and went to the school to meet her as she arrived. I did the same for the way home. Met her at school to get her on the bus than drove to the bus stop to pick her up. Even after that great plan she was still worrying her little head. About 9:30 at night she got out of bed and said, "But mom, what if there is traffic?" She was worried I would get stuck in traffic and not be there on time. That was and easy fix, if I was in traffic the bus would be too. It worked out great and we haven't had a problem since. She loves the bus!

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