Friday, September 14, 2007



Emma got a new booster seat. She is so excited to be able to turn around and see the cars behind us. She looks so big!

Skating. I took Holly roller skating a couple of days ago. Unfortunately Emma didn't get to join us. Her behavior just before we left was terrible. When we got there I thought it was closed. Only couple other people were there so we had the whole place to ourselves. Holly had a great time and she is getting very good.

Soccer games started last week. That created another source of anxiety for Holly. We told her she didn't have to play but she hung in there and is having fun. Still a bit anxious before games, but once she is out there she is having fun and playing well. She scored a goal yesterday.

Here is a photo of her and Mr. Bear. Mr. Bear belongs to her kindergarten class. Each child get the opportunity to take Mr. Bear home for the night and write about what they did with him in a log book.

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