Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our weekend at Great Wolf Lodge

A new hotel opened in central Washington (1.5 hours N of Portland) this past April. Great Wolf Lodge's claim to fame is the indoor water park. You have to be a guest of the hotel to get entry into the water park. We spent 2 days and 1 night there. The kids had a great time. They especially loved the wave pool.
Tom and I had a good time too, partly b/c the kids had so much fun.

One thing made me absolutely crazy!!!! This is a WATER park right? They have experience with other lodges, mostly in the mid west and east coast. Why the HE!! do you have tile in the entry to the restrooms that if WET is SLIPPERY!!!! I was waiting for Tom to finish up with our locker and in the course of 5 minutes 2 people slipped and fell on the tile on the way to the lockers and restrooms. Holly had already slipped on our way in. I can't imagine how many people slip there in the course of a day. The staffed seamed to be well schooled on how to answer the situation and continue to do nothing.

With that said it was a good time, not too crowded, clean, and fun for the kids. I have to say, no one does it like Disney.

At the arcade

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