Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting Ready for Oregon Bounty Cocktail Competition

Tonight Tom and I had our first tasting of my ideas for the Oregon Bounty Cocktail Contest. This afternoon I visited Clear Creek Distillery . They didn't have much of what I wanted to use but a few thing perked my interest. Their Pear Brandy and Cherry Liqueur (I was surprised I preferred that to the Cassis Liqueur).
First I made a martini with the Pear Brandy ( top secret recipe for now) Good!
Then I made a Espresso Hazelnut martini. GREAT!
It was so fun. Tom is a great one to taste and give feedback. We adjusted both recipes at least 3x's. Don't worry I made very small batches. :-) At one point I even stopped everything and dashed up to Stroehecker's for half and half, which made the drink.
We just looked at the rules and judging criteria for the contest. I think I am going to have a difficult time choosing the region for each of my drinks. They say I can enter one recipe per email. I think I'm going to need one more email address. I want to enter 3 different cocktails.
Can't wait to share with everyone.


e-editor said...

Hi Kim - Wow you truly are prepping hard for the contest! We're impressed. Good luck with the recipe and we look forward to seeing it soon.



cary perk said...

I can't wait to taste these! You're so creative - and how nice you have a research assistant who's also a brilliant photographer!
I bet you're going to WIN!