Saturday, August 23, 2008

Poor Addie

I woke up this morning thinking that Addie was off to the vet for surgery. To my surprise Tom had returned home with her. She has been sick since Tuesday morning.

After a phone call to my cousin Jennifer (vet tech) we took Addie to the vet and had an xray and blood work. NOT to our surprise there is a small object stuck in her intestine. We were instructed to restrict her water, so that she doesn't throw up and try to give her small portions of wet dog food to assist the object through her system. She kept throwing up so Tom took her in this morning to have it removed. They ( Tom and the Vet) did another xray and it seemed that the object was moving through her system. So for now we are just going to try to get it to come out on it's own. POOR DOG!

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cary perk said...

I have been so worried that your recent dog-sitter might have allowed something bad to happen. I am SO hoping that this will take care of itself without surgery. Sending Addie my best wishes...