Monday, September 8, 2008

Emma Starts Pre-K

It's Emma's first day back to school. She posed for a photo before we set off - sporting her new lunch box that she had picked out.

Once at the school, all the kids played while we waited for class to start. Emma was a very considerate driver.

After putting her lunch box in her cubby (that she found all by herself)...

Emma got down to business...

And soon had a pal to work with.

As we left, there were no tears nor worried looks. She was a totally non-plushed by the whole affair. Later, when I picked her up, all she wanted to do was show me some new playground tricks she'd learned, but had nothing else to say about class. She's a bit of a cool cookie.

However, before we got home she had fallen asleep in the car. I put her down on the couch when we got in. She sleep for three hours! Addie kept her company.

(BTW, Addie got her surgery staples removed this morning.)

So that was Emma's first day at her new school. We are very proud of her!

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