Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quick entry to let you know what we have been up to!

Our friends Niki and Tom from Laguna came to visit. They are considering moving here. Smart couple! They came up from CA and drove up the Oregon Coast. They loved it so much they took the coast home. Visit from our friends in Bend who inspired us to make the move to Oregon. Kim and Julie
GUYS Grillin' Iron Chef Competition hosted by the Shorts.
Not so secret ingredients; rum, ribs and shrimp.
The four husband had to each make a drink, rack o' ribs and a shrimp dish. I have to say all the wives were so impressed! Everything was wonderful.
Aly even had prizes for the winners! Tom did great and won the ribs category. Check out Alton Brown's Who Loves You Baby Back Ribs recipe. Tom also made a Lapu Lapu from Royal Hawaiian. He found the recipe here.
We relaxed all night while the guys made dinner and served us. WOW Fun!

Lots of different faces in this photo.

Madonna always helps wins points.

My Grandma and Cousin Kathy from Cottage Grove, Oregon came to visit. My Grandma is a huge Johnny Mathis fan so she flew up for the concert and treated her granddaughters. The first night we had dinner at Jake's a Portland landmark and the night of the concert I made dinner and headed out to see the concert at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. Very special night.
More photos to come soon.

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