Thursday, October 30, 2008

Witches Night Out

We had our annual Witches Night Out last Saturday. Only requirement: witch hat. A few of us met and Jen's house and headed to our first destination, a reserved room at The Chesterfield. To our surprise it was "closed for renovation". Do ya think they should have let 30 witches know that they were closed! We ended up at the Doug Fir Lounge which was perfect. After meeting up with more witches we had a photo moment and walked across the street to The Galaxy Lounge for karaoke. I had no plans to karaoke as I really don't sing. But Sarah (whom I recently was reacquainted with at my 20 year high school reunion) talked me into singing. I didn't know what song until we were up there. Thankfully I knew the song.... Neil Diamond Sweet Caroline.
We never made it to our last destination as everyone was having fun karaoking.

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